Friday, May 29, 2009

Sew a Quiet Book!

Pin It Now! Quiet Book \ˈkwī-ət 'book\ n. a set of fabric activity pages bound together with the intent of instilling calmness and restful playtime for babies and toddlers in the event of the numberless boring adult occasions that require a hushed atmosphere.

I've always wanted to sew a quiet book, but never wanted to invest the long, tedious hours it takes to make one. However, the ladies at church expressed an interest in making them for next big sewing project. We decided to meet once a month and work on two activity pages at a time.

To prepare for our first class, I sewed the mock up quiet book you see here, compiled a 13-page list of instructions and patterns (available for free download below), and purchased all the materials needed for a "Quiet Book Kit". I decided that we would have a better turn out if we made ready-made kits available for purchase. Not to mention it saves on cost. I admit that making the kits was a ton of work, but well worth it... I know that making them available lowered the intimidation factor for the ladies, and we did have a better turnout as a result. Fortunately, with Memorial Day sales and Joann's coupons, I was able to keep the kits under $10.

We met for the first time last night and everyone was able to complete the first two pages in about two hours. Last night my home was buzzing with 10 women and their sewing machines. We had so much fun!

Here are the 12 pages :
"Match My Colors"

"Snap Me on My Shapes" and "Feely Fingers"

"Call Me" and "Put Your Hand in My Mitten"

"Dress Me" and "Tuck Me into Bed"

"Traffic Light" and "Lace the Football"

"Zip the Tee Pee" and "What Time is It?"

"Button on My Flowers"

Here is a quiet book kit

Compiled, written and illustrated by me. Feel free to make as many quiet books for personal use or to sell, but please do not sell the actual pattern. It is intended for use by everyone free of charge. Thank you!

Click here to download Quiet Book pattern
(this will open the pdf through google docs... click "file" in the top left corner for the option to download or print)

Happy Sewing!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mother's Day Treats

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My church passes out little Mother's Day gifts each year to all the women. This year my friend Kira was asked to make her fabulous cake truffles, and I was recruited to help with the packaging of them. These are pyramid favor boxes and they were just the right size to hold two cake truffles. My mom helped me cut and fold 75 of these mothas.
Here is the template:


♥ Trace or print pattern on scrapbooking cardstock

♥ Use a bone folder to score along each dotted line and fold the cardstock into the box

♥ Punch small hole at the top of each of the four points

♥ Thread ribbon through the holes and tie into bow

Happy crafting!

Oh, and here is a pic of the kiddos passed out on the floor after coming home from Denny's soccer game. How cute ♥

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Custom Bridesmaid Dress

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My friend was asked to be a bridesmaid, but needed a gown with sleeves. There are some great modest dress sites that offer a wide variety of dresses with sleeves, however, my friend needed the dress made in the exact same material as the other bridesmaid gowns. The formal wear store where the other girls purchased their dresses, also allows you to buy the fabric in 2 yard increments. (They don't advertise this, so you'll have to specifically ask them).

My friend and I sketched out the design she wanted, then I drew up the pattern and sewed away. In order to add a subtle elegant touch, I added cording around the neckline, bust and waist. The neckline is pleated with the intention of helping those of us who are less endowed up top. The skirt is just a simple A-line, but I cut it on the bias to give it a nice drape. Oh, and the dress is fully lined.

So here is the completed dress, modeled by yours truly (please forgive the bathroom backdrop... taking pictures of myself is very tricky). The dress looks a lot better on my friend who is two inches taller, and has a bigger bust that me (ha! who doesn't?). Other than that, we have the same waist and hip measurements.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Little Mod Man Gift Set

Pin It Now! I centered this baby gift set on Alexander Henry's Hollywood print. Totally mod, yo. Set includes a Business Bib, Puzzle Ball, and Lounge Set. I no longer list Business Bibs in my shop, but will gladly accept custom requests.

This is a puzzle ball, and I find that adults enjoy playing with it as much as babies do. It comes apart in three sections... tricky, tricky. These are really fun to make, but a bit time consuming. My friend Janna makes the best puzzle balls in the world and sells them in her etsy shop, so check them out. She offers them at a steal of a deal for only $25. If you ask me to make you one, I'll charge you $50. I've been trying to talk Janna into raising her price on them, so get one now before I convince her ;)