Monday, November 16, 2009

Pinwheel Cupcake Toppers Template

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I made cupcakes for Denny's school carnival this past weekend and decided to make pinwheel toppers to distract from my lousy frosting job. They're very easy and fun to make... I've attached the template and basic instructions for you to enjoy:


Double-sided scrapbooking cardstock
lollipop sticks (found in cake decorating isle of craft stores)


Print pinwheels onto cardstock and cut out squares. Snip the four corners of each square on dotted lines.

Using a hot glue gun, apply a small pin-sized dab in the very center of the square and bend the left corner of one side to center of glue. Repeat for the remaining three sides.

Use a hole punch to make circles or flowers (I used a flower hole punch) and glue to the center of your pinwheel.

Apply more hot glue to the back of the pinwheel and secure the lollipop stick.

Note: I used a hot glue gun because it holds and dries fast, as well as doesn't leave an odor (a bit more food safe). Use itty-bitty dabs to avoid scorching your fingers too bad... it doesn't take more than a pin drop. Also, make sure to remove all the stringy hot glue "webs" afterward.


Janell said...

Awesome Jodi! I'm still going to make pinwheels out of fondant, I just have to get settled in my shop first. This template will be so helpful!

Janna said...

Hey! Nice work, Jodell!

Linda said...

So cute! You are amazing!

Anonymous said...

My twin boys turn one in June & the party has become a teeter totter & pinwheels theme & I had already planned on making cupcakes, so your topper idea is PERFECT! Thank you for the template.

Birds and Blossoms said...

those are awesome!!!!