Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mother's Day Treats

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My church passes out little Mother's Day gifts each year to all the women. This year my friend Kira was asked to make her fabulous cake truffles, and I was recruited to help with the packaging of them. These are pyramid favor boxes and they were just the right size to hold two cake truffles. My mom helped me cut and fold 75 of these mothas.
Here is the template:


♥ Trace or print pattern on scrapbooking cardstock

♥ Use a bone folder to score along each dotted line and fold the cardstock into the box

♥ Punch small hole at the top of each of the four points

♥ Thread ribbon through the holes and tie into bow

Happy crafting!

Oh, and here is a pic of the kiddos passed out on the floor after coming home from Denny's soccer game. How cute ♥


Janell said...

How adorable! And those little pyramid boxes are really cool.

KathiNiels said...

Love the picture of the kids!

The pyramid boxes are AWESOME. Dang, I missed out :) - cake truffles and cute boxes....Awesome!

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Awwww! So cute! (the kiddies):-D

Janna said...

Nice work, Jodell!
Don't tell anyone that I actually got two, okay!
Besides I deserved two...twins and all, right??

Deon said...


Jessica said...

How lucky is your ward. We got a candy bar that I had to fight my kids over to get to eat even one piece. It did have a HMD sticker on it.

Jacqui Carrasco said...

Thanks for the template i have plans for that. prepare to see them again at Christmas.

Love the pic of the kids...is that Denny's Darth Vader cape in the background. lol

Pamela said...

Those little boxes are the coolest!!! Thanks for sharing the template...I'm so using it in the future! What lucky women to receive something so thoughtful and beautiful!

I'm so happy you enjoyed the yam/potato dish!

Andrea said...

What awesome boxes! Thanks for the template. It's always more fun to get a present that is wrapped nicely.
Any chance of getting that truffle cake recipe? Sounds delicious! :0)

Pamela said...

I just made some these--so fun!! Thanks for sharing!

Mothers Day Flowers Delivery said...

Those little boxes are amazing! They would be perfect for a wedding favour! Thanks for sharing!