Thursday, June 24, 2010

Summer Projects

Pin It Now! I've been having a ton of fun sewing this summer. Here are just a few of the projects I've recently finished:

Throw pillows! I've fallen in love with English paper piecing. Trust me, these hexagons are way easier than they look to make. Ashley at Film in the Fridge has posted some great tutorial links for hexi-quilting. Oh, how I would love to make an entire quilt out of these fun little hexis, but that would be a 50-year feat for me.

More throw pillows. Great way to use up scraps :)

Gathered cap sleeve A-line dress out of stretch cotton sateen. My gorgeous friend Rachel and I got together and sewed this fabulous dress for her to wear to her sister-in-law's wedding. We made a shrug to go with it... I'm thinking of doing a shrug tutorial sometime. I'll put it on my mile-long to-do list for ya'll. If you don't see it by 2012, shoot me an email and I'll get on the ball.

Here it is without the shrug. Rachel, you're a babe.

Swimsuit for Ashlyn.
I love sewing swimsuits for me and my girls. Cute modest swimsuits are hard to come by. Really, the cost to sew them is pretty dang low. I considered offering them in my etsy shop...for like 2 seconds, until I woke up and realized that it would be impossible to sell swimsuits and maintain a high customer satisfaction reputation. Seriously, even most skinny-mini toothpick women hate the way they look in a bathing suit. Some ventures are better left alone.

Little birds framed. I finally got around to cutting the mat for these pretty little bird ACEOs I got from Natasha at LuxArt. (Vinyl decal in background is from my sis-in-law at JaneyMacPress).

Crazy balls, bibs and burb cloths. If you work with my husband and you have a baby, this is what you'll likely get as a gift from us. I wish people at Denzil work would stop reproducing so fast, because I feel like I have to make one of these sets every few weeks. My friend Janna makes the best crazy balls in the world, so if you decide your baby absolutely needs one (she does), check out her shop.

I'm way overdue for a tutorial. Any special requests?