Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Happy birthday, Baby Tess!

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My baby turned one year old last week! We had a small family party at our new home, and I made Tess a new dress, a party hat, and a name banner for the occasion. And of course cake. I hate making cakes. Love to eat them; hate to make them. My sister is an amazing cake decorator, but she lives 2,000 miles away (boooooo!!!). However, I am very grateful to have her as my personal 24-hour cake-help hotline. That's my sisterly right :) Thanks, Janell!

This must be my reward for wearing this stupid hat.

What the??? Get that camera out of my face so I can eat my cake in peace!

Sticking my tongue out helps me balance.

Happy birthday, baby girl! I love you very much, but don't expect me to make you a cake every year... being cute can only get you so far.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Free "Little Fawn" Digital Art Print

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Last month we made our big move to Boise, Idaho. I love, love, LOVE it here! I've missed the mountains so much while living in Texas. Snowboarding, hiking, and backpacking here I come! Except we need some serious snow... ironically Texas has more than we do right now. Go figure.

Ok, I am going to attempt to revive my poor neglected blog. Don't get your hopes too high... one post per month would be a step up for me... baby steps. So here is a little treat for you. It's a woodlands print I made to hang in my half bath. Something lovely for the house guests to ponder on while taking care of their business. I almost drew in some little deer droppings, but thought the better of it. I'm trying hard to class up my act and become more ladylike. Besides, the teacher at my kid's school taught him that "poo, crap and butt" are bad words. So now I'm forced to change my entire vocabulary.

I printed my Little Fawn as a 5"x7" print, but I made the jpeg larger so you could size it accordingly. All you need is a color printer and some white cardstock and you're good to go!


*special thanks to pattern cooler for the background patterns.