Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween 2009

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I've been wanting to do a Sally costume (Nightmare Before Christmas) for a couple years now, and this year I finally did it! It was such a fun costume to make. I know it looks like a raggedy thrown together outfit, but in reality, there is a lot of systematic cutting and piecing involved.

Here is Denny's Darth Vader costume I sewed. We bought him a Darth mask for his birthday but he took it off to run around the Trunk-or-Treat party with his best bud Evan (on left).

And of course Ashlyn made the prettiest little princess. She loved getting to wear makeup and I loved putting it on her.

And here is me at 26 weeks. This is my "Oh, she's so cute and pregnant" stage. Next month I'll transition into the "HOLY COW! You're huge!" stage. (Yes, believe it or not I get that exact phrase at least once a day in the last THREE months of my pregnancy.)

I hope everyone had a fun Halloween! Ok, I'm off to help my kids eat their candy for breakfast now.


Deon said...

Wow! I love it!! Leslie would be jealous - she loves that movie. She kind of went for that look last night as well - check my FB.

Philip, Melissa, & Summer said...

Great! It turned out really good. I love it. I have not ever seen that movie before, but it looks so close.

KathiNiels said...

Jodi, too cute!!!!! I love the whole outfit. Ashlyn looks precious - and man I can't believe you put Denny's outfit together - you ARE very talented.

Thanks for the preggo picture too!

Lynnette said...

So Cute! I love the belly :)

Linda said...

Love your costumes! Jennifer's little boy was Darth Vader too! And Ashlyn is a beautiful princess! You look totally awesome! What was Denzil?