Sunday, December 20, 2009

Pin It Now!

I'll have to post a more current picture of Denny soon... This was taken before he got glasses, a short haircut and lost his two front teeth... quite the contrast :)

*Special thanks to Christa from Sherrard Photography for taking the adorable photo.


Heather said...

I love the card! It's on our fridge.

Janell said...

What?! Denny got glasses?! I'll have to wear mine when he comes for Christmas. :)

Jake and Tricia Jones: said...

So you don't know me, and this is probably just a little creepy so I apologize. My sister Amanda told me about your sewing addiction so I found your blog. I am also quite tickled to get a glimpse of your little boy. I heard all about him over Christmas from my neice Hallei; apparently she is already planning the wedding. I love your blog...your inspiring.