Monday, October 5, 2009

Girly Baby Gifts

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My awesome sister-in-law is having her first baby girl next month, which she's extremely excited about (she already has two of the cutest boys in the world). Anyhoo, here are some goods I'm sending her way:

Bambino Blocks (Set of 5)

The reverse side has shapes.

We did an etsy trade for this little newborn dress (I'm getting some of her fabulous vinyl decals).

I love baby gowns with the little fold-over mitts built in the sleeves, so I was sure to include those!


Philip, Melissa, & Summer said...

Love them. I love the fabric combo.

Lynnette said...

Just got these in the mail today! Love them :) Thank you so much. The dress is so much cuter than imagined it would be and I love the hat and all the extra goodies.

Pamela said...

Again, your killing me here!!! Love it all!

becca lynn said...

Hi Modest Maven! Love your Etsy site AND your blog!! I sell homemade bread and other yummy baked goods here in SoCal, so when I earn enough I am going to have a little shopping spree!! Would you consider making matching church dresses for me and my 2 year old?? Thanks for the inspiration!

Jodell said...

Hey Becca Lynn! I adore making matching mommy and me dresses, so I'd be happy to sew some for you and your little girl :)

Linda said...

so cute! what a great sister-in-law you are!

Shannon said...

Hi there,
Somehow stumbled across your blog and love it! I've been looking at your current post and the older ones too. You are very talented at sewing and designing clothes. I love some of your designs. However, I could not find a link on your blog for your etsy store. I wanted to visit it and take a look at all the cool things you have to offer. Pls feel free to check out my site, we have modest yet stylish clothes for women...however not handmade like yours. :)