Tuesday, October 27, 2009


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We recently celebrated the kids' birthdays (Ashlyn turned 3 and Denny turned 6). My parents drove out for each kid's big day and my dad took some fabulous pictures as usual.

Our local Pottery Barn Kids was having a Star Wars event on the weekend of Denny's birthday. Denny kinda likes Star Wars (kinda, as in a lot, a lot, a lot).

Denny's cake. I ate it for breakfast, lunch and dinner for 4 days straight until it was gone. Cake is one of my many weaknesses.

I think every single one of Denny's presents was something Star Wars related... why does he look so surprised?

Denny and Ashlyn sippin' the root beer.

Ashlyn opening presents in her lovely princess dress (which was a gift from Mrs. Kathi... this totally saved me from having to sew her a Halloween costume this year... YOU ROCK, MRS. KATHI!!!)

Ashlyn tells me about 20 times a day that her favorite color is pink. Does she really think I'll forget something so obvious?

Ashlyn loves her baby dolls.

And Denny and Ashlyn adore their Nana and PawPaw!


Jacqui Carrasco said...

great pics, I cannot believe that Ashlyn is already 3! wow! they are such cute kids, you have a beautiful family

Philip, Melissa, & Summer said...

I got an email about the Pottery Barn thing. I should have taken Phil.

KathiNiels said...

Love, love, love this post!

Linda said...

love the pictures! your children are adorable and seeing your mom and dad, makes me miss them so much!

Linda said...

Oh, Happy Birthday Denny and Ashlyn!