Friday, September 19, 2008

Spandex can be your friend

Pin It Now! I don't like Ike. He has disrupted my etsy addiction and even forced me to close my shop for a week. No worries though, it's up and running again and I even added a new hot little black dress. I'm LOVING creating with cotton/lycra knit fabric. Think of non-shiny swimsuit fabric... that's the good stuff I've been using on a lot of my clothes. It's hard to believe that a dress this flattering could be so dang comfortable to wear. AND I'm all about low-maintenance, which is why this dress is rad to the MAX... no need to hang in a garment bag; just fold it and stuff it in your luggage with your t-shirts. Packs small and light, plus there's no need to iron! Now go buy it. You know you want it.

I received a fun custom order for my Bambino Blocks this week (baby's initials). Here is the finished product:
G is for Giraffe
A is for Alligator
E is for Elephant
K is for Koala
I used memory foam in the center because I love how soft it is and it holds a nice crisp corner. FYI, if you want to cut foam nice and neat, use an electric knife (yep, the kind dad uses for carving the Thanksgiving turkey).


Linda said...

I love the dress! And love your animal blocks. You are amazing!

Love ya!

The Knapps said...

These animal blocks are great!