Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Cake for every meal

Pin It Now! My good friend Janna ( is expecting twin girls, so these are the cakes I made for her baby shower. Chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream frosting and wrapped in Ghiradelli Double Chocolate. The one on the right turned out very sad, but it tasted divine nonetheless. My sister ( is the most amazing cake decorator ever, and she's so nice to be my free 24-hour cake helpline.... Thanks, Janell!

There was a whole cake leftover, which was good because cake is my all-time favorite breakfast! Chug a glass of whole milk with it and you've got your carbs and dairy covered for the morning. Oh, what a blissful meal... maybe I'll make it my lunch, too.


Linda said...

Cute cakes. I thought Janell made them at first! They look great. Wish I could have been there to have some for breakfast with you!

Deon said...

Woa - such talent in your family! I looked at your sister's website. Amazing. How did you make these adorable chocolate cakes? Did you post the how-to somewhere? Den's got my email - I'd love to hear about it!! So beautiful.