Friday, September 28, 2012

Pink and Blue Birthday Party

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My second oldest turned 6 years old this month, and she begged and begged for a real birthday party (we usually just do family birthday parties). I'm impressed with parents who throw a full birthday party every year for their kids. My oldest got a "real" birthday party when he turned 4, and it seriously wore me out. I remember having only two real birthday parties when I was a kid, where I got to invite all my friends. I didn't turn out too damaged, so I'm carrying on that tradition for my kids.

 I made a white cake, with pink buttercream frosting, tiffany blue fondant, and pink gumpaste flowers. And you should have seen the ice cream... I made pink bubble gum and blue cotton candy sweet cream ice cream. They're still two of my favorite flavors... my sister-in-law teases me that I never out grew them :)

 For the party favors, each kid got to pick out a crayon wallet (tutorial here). I made 21 of those suckas. I'm kicking myself for not taking a picture of all of my hard work.

But at least we got a picture of the pinata! That was definitely a labor of love project. There's a week's worth of paper mache and tissue flowers getting smashed in 10 minutes. So much fun though :)


A-me said...

Bravo mama!!! Looks absolutely amazing! and that pinata?! ridiculously adorable.

P.S. Pink bubble gum and blue cotton andy sweet cream ice cream sounds divine! iWant.

ang :o) said...

you never cease to amaze me! everything about that party is wonderful! i'm with a-me, i want to ice cream! :)

Carlene Boley said...

I think you did a great job, Jodell! :D I also don’t prepare “real” birthday parties for my kids every year. I have three, so that’s a little draining. Anyway, how long did you have to put all of these in order? I love that cake you made. Actually, I like everything. :D I think every girl is fascinated with pink deep in their hearts. Give my greetings to your daughter. :)

Antonio Liwanag said...

This is one of the coolest birthday party ideas I've ever seen. I will give this a try at home.