Thursday, April 5, 2012

Easter Dresses 2012

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Every year I say I'm not going to fuss with making Easter dresses, but every year one week before Easter I give in and make them anyway. I've been wanting new curtains in my bedroom, so I pulled a Scarlett O'hara, and used my old curtains to make my girls' dresses. So now anyone who wants a free peep show, come to my bedroom window. Kidding... no creepers please :)

And I know there are already a million flower tutorials out there, but I think I need to add this one to the pool because it's so dang cute. Stay tuned :)


Janna said...

Miss've outdone yourself. The girls are beautiful and the dresses are amazing! Nice work. And get some new curtains soon...for the neighbors sake. ha ha

Shivangi Sharma said...

Amazing stuff! The girls look so pretty & perfect in their dresses! Great DIY! And Happy Easter!

Mens Suits said...

Amazing kids! I like their dress, perfect for Easter.