Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Tags and Ta-tas

Pin It Now! First up are some tags I made for my etsy goods. I also made some for my friends Melissa and Janna. Check out their shops... way cool stuff. So here's the deal... 300 tags for under $10... that's only 3 cents a tag, right? I love my business cards from overnightprints, so I did a business card layout in photoshop of the three different shop tags, submitted the order, cut them with a paper cutter and hole-punched them. (Be sure to google a coupon code... I used "BC100" for 100 free business cards plus $9.50 shipping). I think they turned out mighty fine!
This is how they looked before I sliced them. I could cut about 3 at a time on the paper cutter.

Sorry for the tease... not real ta-tas... this is a nursing cover I made for a friend who just had a baby. I've heard them called "hooter hiders" as well. How disturbingly clever :) A special thanks to Janna for the instructions. If you would like your own custom nursing cover, convo Janna. The girl's got some mad sewing skills. They're not currently listed in her shop, but I'm sure she'd be happy to whip one up for you. Heaven knows, the world needs less boobs being flashed around.

This is the bottom inside corner of the nursing cover... a built in wipee. I used some ultra soft and absorbant 100% cotton sherpa. Drool away, baby.


Emily said...

Jason would say the world needs more boobs being flashed around, but you know how he is :-D

Philip, Melissa, & Summer said...

Thank you so much for the tags Jodi, I love them so much.

Also I have not looked at your blog in a while, so here it goes.

1)I loooooooooove your hair do. It is so awesome, and I especially love it with the bright poppies. I just chopped my hair, so there are no up-do's going on.

2)Adorable dolls, how fun for them, especially Denny, it is so hard to think of boy things to make. I am always racking my brain for my nephews.

3)I wish I would have known the pressing flowers thing when Scott passed away. I actually did press several flowers in a flower press I bought, but the colors are definitely not as bright, and brownish too. I will use the tutorial for gluing them in my frame once I have it. Maybe we can get together for that.

Anyhow, sorry for the longest comment ever, but I just loved way too much this time :).

Pamela said...

Beautiful tags! You have such great taste...the perfect union of elegance and funk--my favorite! And awesome ta-ta cover! he he