Saturday, March 7, 2009

Pinwheels make me giddy

Pin It Now!
Pinwheels on your shoulder
Pinwheels in your hair
Pinwheels on baby and me
Pinwheels everywhere!
That was about the extent of my poetic abilities. Don't ask me to try to rhyme anymore or I'll hurt my brain, go insane and end up flying a plane to Spain in the rain or some silliness. Anyhoo, these are some fabulous mother/daughter shirt and dress sets that I made for a custom order. I use to offer these in my Etsy shop, but there didn't seem to be a big interest for them so I discontinued them. I never understood why more women didn't go nutso over them... mommies and their daughters wearing matching outfits is the cutest thing ever!
These fabric pinwheels are so fun to make. They button onto the shirt so they can be removed before washing.

As a bonus for this order, I included matching pinwheel hair bobby sets. Once again, cutest. thing. EVER!


Pamela said...

Omigoodness...those are too cool!!!

Linda said...

love the pinwheels! you are so clever and talented.