Saturday, August 23, 2008

Hello Me

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So here is my rad husband and stinkin' cute kiddies. My husband Denzil is a CPA and counts beans all day so I can stay home with our kids and feed my sewing addiction. My oldest kid, Denny (4) is totally obsessed with Star Wars right now. When his little sister (Ashlyn, age 1) crys at night, he goes and lays down next to her and sings the Star Wars theme music to help her go back to sleep. Ashlyn adores her big brother. Sure, they drive eachother nutso every so often, but for the most part they're buddies.


Brandi said...

He sings the Star Wars Theme to her?? Awww...! That is beyond adorable!

Linda said...

What a beautiful family! So fun to see and look at your blog!

Allenia Allen said...

Love the family photo. Your kids are precious and I had to giggle when I read that Denny has a thing for Star Wars...My Judah does too. Although in my case...Judah isn't so gentle with his little brother....Josiah who is 9 months old...I think Judah thinks he is a ragdoll of a sort. Josiah on the other hand adores his big brother and follows him all over the house, as fast as his hands and knees can carry him.
Enjoying your blogs!